Are you taking a date?

This post is sort of old since it didn’t happen recently, but I think it’s funny since I received an email today in regards to an event I have to attend. 

About two months ago a kind, sweet friend of mine sent me an email requesting the name of the guest I planned to bring to her wedding. Now I love her dearly, but I was thinking dang isn’t your wedding over two months away? I told her that I didn’t know who I was going to bring, but I knew I was bringing someone. I asked her to put Mr. Wedding Date on my on my guest’s seating card. See I’m not one of those girls who wants to go to a wedding myself. I don’t want to end up matched with a poor simp because we are both at the wedding alone. I started thinking who do I invite? You would think two months would be plenty of time to find a date, but I was thinking this girl is killing me. Someone who is entertaining, witty, confident and photogenic should be easy to find in two months. Right? Wrong! The major issue is that I generally like to receive a little attention after I arrive home from a wedding. There is a very short list of possibilities for this position, not for lack of desire, but for fear of trying. So I call what I believe to be my best shot for some after wedding affection. He answers the phone like he is actually happy to hear from me which was totally unexpected. I asked, he said yes and I thought okay this is great. Now I have a date. He even made a point of asking if it was an overnight wedding and whether we needed to get a room. Yessssss! I thought excellent we are on the same page. When he called on Valentine’s day to wish me a happy V-day I practically fell out. I was WAY too eager to answer the phone, I hope he didn’t hear the enthusiasm in my voice. Why so much emotion? I have a crush, a little baby crush, but a crush indeed. What’s funny is that in the very beginning, when we first met, I didn’t even like him. I was just getting over my ex-fiance and he was literally something to do. Now I have a crush on him like I’m back in grade school. If I see his name in my phone I am all giggly and I haven’t seen him in ages. So after the V-Day greeting I think maybe he is open to something.  What man would dangle a valentine greeting unless they were a little bit interested? If you are not interested do not tease a single woman. I decided I would show him a little bit more attention. I always get I don’t seem to be the least bit interested, so I think okay that’s what I will do, show interest and concern. We texted, and talked a few times, and I even suggested more than once that we get together. I even offered home cooked food. I thought all men are suckers for a home cooked meal, but still no man. We had not connected and I was sad. Sad isn’t really the word, I was irritated. So about a week ago, in a fit of rage, after being shot down after yet another attempt to get us together, I told him that I no longer needed a date. What did I get today? An email from another dear friend asking me if I am bringing a date to our friends wedding. @$%#&!!!! I don’t have a date!