How I ended up on Word Press…

Hello Blog World!

I thought my first post should be a personal introduction to who I am, but that’s not really why I am here. So I thought it would be better if I quickly explained why I decided to start a blog. I was chatting it up with one of my coworkers about a particularly twisted boy-lemma, when it dawned on me that I was limiting myself to the comments, feedback, humor, wisdom and just plain non-sense of those in my circle. I realized that my social circle is pretty similar to me in background, goals, interests, lifestyle, education and sometimes similar thought patterns. Plus I share with them even when they don’t want to hear it. So why let them have all the fun?  I thought why not open it up to a larger community, why not just share with the world? Specifically the world wide web. That’s when I decided I need a blog. Technology is so awesome. I wish I had done this so much sooner, but growth and understanding takes time and so I have arrived here at the right time. I think that sharing in this type of forum will be entertaining, interesting, educational, and maybe a little therapeutic. Please keep in mind that this is an experiment of sorts. So with that said, I think that’s it. I’m ready! Watch Out Now!