Product Review – No! No! Hair Removal System

Oooooh I didn’t successfully post yesterday : x

I think information (or knowledge) is power. I also think that it is important to share your triumphs and trails with products with everyone. There are SOOOO many products on the market, and during recessionary times you need to be certain, now more than ever, that you are purchasing a quality product. So I am sharing information today.

Let it be known that I am a sucker for good marketing. I often try new things even though I am perfectly fine with the product I use.  I must admit I am often overwhelmed with the number of  products I am bombarded with in magazines and on tv, but I do my part to stimulate the economy by purchasing new and or imporved products. There are certain items I will always try these include new mascaras, face creams and products that promise to reduce or remove hair.

Today, along with a product review, I am going to share with you a dirty little secret about me. I have a stubborn little problem. I have an intense ongoing struggle/battle with my HAIR. Specifically the hair on my stomach…in the happy trail region. I am very self conscious about it. Over the years I have done many things to this area of my body. I have shaved, waxed, naired, threaded, plucked and I have even suffered through electrolysis. The electrolysis treatments were by far the most PAINFUL thing I have ever intentionally done to  my body. I used the emla cream that the dermatologist prescribed me, but that didn’t help the burning/stinging sensation. It was horrible and after 5 treatments I just couldn’t bare the pain. I have thought about laser treatments, but the electrolysis tramautized me so I’ve not seriously considered it. Despite my fear of hair removal procedures that use lasers, lights, beams or rays of any sort I saw the No! No! Hair Removal System (another dirty secret I buy stuff off of tv) on tv and had to have it. It uses some type of thermo-something technology and promised NO PAIN. I decided to go for a shiny pink one and couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

I got it. I used it. I want to let you know that the No! No! does not work. The product does not claim to remove hair forever, but does claim to slow growth and reduce hair density. I interpreted that to mean that I would have finer, sparser hair growth. The idea of finer and or sparser hair growth excited me. The No! No! does neither of these two claims.

You are supposed to glide it over the area of your body you want to reduce hair growth and voila it’s smooth and hair free. At least on the models on tv it was. I repeatedly passed the unit over my belly over a 3 x 4 inch area and it never became smooth. I believe the unit simply singes your hair. Then after the hair is singed you use this little buffer similar to that hair away product and I guess this is supposed to smooth everything.  It does not. There is also a horrible smell associated with the singed hair. I would tolerate the smell, but my skin was never smooth. There was visible stubble throughout the entire region, but I don’t think the way the unit functions it’s possible for the skin to be completely smooth. The little wire that singes the hair doesn’t get close enough to the skin, which is probably why there is no pain. Each time I have used it, I’ve shaved afterwards. This wouldn’t be a big deal because I sometimes shave after nairing, but I have seen no reduction in my hair density or growth. Plus after all those passes it never leaves a smooth surface. Bottom line it’s an extreme waste of time and the smell is TERRIBLE. At $250 this product is a dud and I would advise you not to purchase it.