I’m lucky. I coincidently arrive at the right place, at the right exact moment often. I have a loving guardian angel. I have a sixth sense. I don’t know what to call always stumbling on vital information that is important to my emotional well being? It always seems to come right before deep feelings are developed, massive amounts of time are invested or goodies are consumed. The following are some examples:

a)      spying a condom wrapper on the floor following a “I haven’t had sex” speech over dinner

b)      girlfriends and wives calling my phone

c)      receiving pictures that have included incriminating photos with date stamps

d)      rolling up on canoodling at way out of the way places

e)      I have even gotten a text or two that were clearly not meant for me

So it should have been no shock or surprise when I “run” into the guy that I have been dating when he is out of town. I didn’t know it was possible to see someone who is out of town in town. I mean is it possible to see someone who is in another state? I think it’s my superwoamn x-ray vision. So how did this chance spotting occur? I was leaving work rather late and I passed him while turning to get on the expressway. My simple self actually smiled and waved because I was sincerely happy to see him. However, it immediately dawned on me, wait he is not supposed to be here. According to our last conversation he was on a completely different coast. He isn’t supposed to be back until the end of the week. Guess something came up here and he had to cut his trip short. Did he mean he was going to the next town over? Maybe he has an identical twin brother who drives the exact same car because I know I didn’t just see him. Never one to wait because there is no better time than the present, I called him. I was just curious to hear the fantastic explanation as to why I just passed him if he is out of town. I mean clearly he is NOT in L.A. I wasn’t mad, I was just irritated. Now what was really strange was that he didn’t answer the phone. This is only strange because he always answers the phone when I call, or calls me right back. It’s been a little over an hour now and I haven’t heard a peep. I want, no I need an explanation. I know I can’t demand an explanation, but I want to call him back, or at least send him a text. I know anything he will say will be in his defense because he was caught, but I don’t care. The problem is I like him. If I didn’t like him I would have immediately deleted his name from my cell phone and I don’t answer unrecognizable numbers. This situation is pretty new, but I thought all was well in our little world. I honestly can’t think of one good reason as to why he would lie to me. There is simply no need since we are both grown. I also want to know why he felt the need to tell me he was elsewhere since I’m convinced he has been here all along. If someone tells you they are out of town and you discover that they are not is any explanation sufficient? Why do I even want one? Does he even owe me an explanation, or is his silence explanation enough? However, right now I want him to return my phone call because I want to know why.