Hello Stranger…

This is the first installment of a three part series.


There are days when the planets, moons and stars align and the heavens open up a momentary window for celestial blessings to fulfill the unknown desires of our little hearts. It was on one of these rare days that I ran into the second biggest crush of my life. Let’s just say a crush from my youth. The first time I saw him I was in awe, unable to move or take my eyes off of him. The first time he spoke to me I thought I was going pass out from sheer glee. We dated briefly before I went away to college. Things didn’t work out, but I can’t even say what really happened, we just fell out of touch. I have always wondered what would have happened.

I was out one Sunday night, at a pool hall of all places, when fate decided that our paths should cross. I was chatting it up with an associate when he walked over looking like a young Hugh Hefner all smoking jacket, suaveness and smelling good to say hello. I liked his swagger, I didn’t remember him having such presence or style, but that’s what growing up will do for you. I was instantly enchanted with him, it was like a spell came over me and I was transported back to my youth.

He seemed to be genuinely happy to see me as well. We spent the next hour catching up with one another. When my friend reminded me that I had to go to work the next day, I snapped out of it. I was sad I had to go. However, he made it all better by asking for my number, got him, HaHA! I gave it to him and he sent me a text later on saying he was happy that he ran into me.

The next day we talked and it was senior year all over again with all the butterflies and giggles and heart flutters and blushes and sighs and sheer excitement. I can’t help myself, all of the emotions and feelings from before immediately flooded back into my mind and I was instantly in LIKE.

Our second first date was even better than the first one. We had thai which we both like. This has to be noted because recently I have meet people who don’t like thai. Anyway we talked and talked and then talked some more. I don’t think either of us wanted to leave the restaurant, I know I didn’t.  

I want to be around him all the time. I just can’t help myself he is perfect. It’s weird because I can’t explain it, but it’s as if no time has passed. We just picked up where we left off.

Problem. I just don’t know if it’s the old him I remember and therefore am into or the new him the one I just met. I mean I know it’s partially based on a familiarity of what I remember, it is new, but yet it feels the same. I am experiencing the same passionate emotions, but it’s been ten years and what makes me happy now at version 2.8 is very different from what excited the younger version 1.8, but I know he has met me where I am now.  I really need to determine who I think I’m falling in serious like with. I admit that I’m a little off but he seems to get me, with all my excitement, off humor, unfounded nervousness and whatever else anyone finds strange, but he just acts like its all normal. I have seen more than one raised eye brow so it’s refreshing to have someone not react to my little oddities. I know that he has changed and I will need to get to know the new guy. I am already so into him, so I know that I will fall hard there is no doubt in my mind because it’s already happening.