One picture…

Have you seen the Annie Leibovitz photo of the First Family in the Green Room? It’s being called the first official White House Family Portrait.

This picture makes me want to get married, procreate and have a career. I have always wanted to be somebody, but now I am getting way more specific. This is a breakthrough for me. TRUST ME! The Obamas are influencing me in ways I would have never imagined.

After watching one of President Obama’s speeches I had an AHA! moment that helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I most definitely have real direction now. Barack you really Rock for that! I have also decided that my job or career doesn’t have to define me. For a very long time I felt that meaning, purpose and identity would be found in my career pursuits, but now I look to work simply as a means to an end. To travel, eat out and buy new mascara. Although that may seem trivial to some, for me it has given me peace of mind and joy that I had not experienced until that moment when it dawned on me that I am so much more than my job. However, his speech caused me to return to my thoughts when I was in elementary school and highschool and college and remember what I enjoyed. So hats off to Barack for cracking the code to what I want to be when I grow up.

I think I want a husband. That being said I don’t think my mom should fish out that guest list she made the last time I was engaged. However, those Obama’s have me thinking that a spousal unit might not be so bad. Anyone who knows me knows I have never fantasized about marriage or being married. Ok, I have gotten caught up in what I believe is the natural progression of a relationship, but I never made it a goal to be married. I have always said I want companionship, but it didn’t necessarily have to be in the form of a husband. I understand that you can’t look at someone else’s situation and draw conclusions on how your situation would work out but Barack and Michelle make marriage look agreeable. Thanks for being role models.

There are children that pull on my womb and make me quickly, and very briefly think of children. However, when I saw the Obama family photo I couldn’t help myself. Sasha’s beaming little smile made me think “Hmmmm what if I had a child, that would be so sweet, a little me.” Then I thought abut the logistics of having a baby. If I had a child I would really want them to collect my eggs, get my man’s sperm and place it in a surrogate. I wonder how much that would cost? However, for a fleeting moment I pictured my little family. It brought a smile to my face. I want to pursue the American Dream or at least my edited version. Thank you Obama Family.