The Eternal Crush…

My life is back to normal today…I’ve been having that kind of week when you want to add just 30 more minutes to each day. And it seems like you can’t quite get to everything on your MUST do today list. Anyway let me get to this so I can scratch this off my list for today…

I went to get my car washed first thing this morning. I don’t know why I decided that it needed to be washed today. I haven’t washed my car in months, but today I desired it to be so fresh and so clean. I roll into the car wash thinking there would be no line and no wait but obviously first thing in the morning is when others think to wash their cars too.

I wait in line and clean out the inside of my car. I’m stretched over the seats picking up programs and shoes and miscellaneous papers and hangers and restaurant coupons and party flyers and business cards. I don’t have any children, but you couldn’t tell only one person rides in my car by looking inside it. I decide to get out the car to throw my nice little ball of trash away and put some other things in the trunk. I toss the trash, but turn around because I feel someone looking at me. I see what looks to be probably my number 3 crush in life. I immediately duck into my trunk. I wonder if it’s him or if I am imagining things. The last time I saw him we flirted something serious, but then he admitted he had a girl so I backed off. I don’t like encroaching on other’s territory because I believe in Karma. I am also severely unsatisfied with my choice of apparel. I’m definitely looking heck-hell-tic. I really need to start acting like a grown up and heed my aunt’s advice, “Look fabulous if you leave the house.” D@mn D@mn D@mn why can’t I follow directions! There are about 8 cars ahead of me and I’m thinking if I slow down he’ll be gone before I even get to the lobby to wait for my car. I close my trunk and look over to see if he is still there. Nope, he is gone.

As soon as I realize the coast is clear, I internally slap myself for panicking and being ashamed of how I am dressed. First it might not have been him. I then give myself the get a grip girl lecture along the lines of it’s not that serious, why are you acting all pressed, and don’t you have someone you are very interested in anyway, who cares that he saw you with a scarf on your head and a jogging suit, you’re cute anyway. Despite the lecture,  I decide to put my shades on to give myself a purposeful bohemian Hollywood look (is that even really possible outside of Hollywood? and what is bohemian about a jogging suit?), but it’s the look I’m going for and I pump myself up sufficiently enough to saunter inside like I have on heels and a dress.

I hand my ticket to the lady at the counter. I hear my name right behind me. I slowly turn around. It’s him. I grin slightly, but smile internally.

“Hey Ursala!”

“Hello [Mr. 3rd Crush].” He leans in and gives me a great big bear hug.

“I can’t believe I ran into you here of all places. I thought about you last week. I wanted to call you, but I don’t have your number.”


“But I headed out of town and I’m just getting back, that’s actually why I’m here. I parked my car at a lot and it was filthy when I found it.”


“But good thing I like to keep my car clean, otherwise I wouldn’t have ran into you.”


“You look great by the way!” I know he is soo lying stretching the truth but I play along with it.


“It’s funny how we are always running into one another, but never purposefully.”


“So what’ve you been up to?”

Now mind you this whole time he is still “holding” me. After he bear hugged me, he kept one arm wrapped around my shoulder. He then proceeded to give the cashier money for my ticket and then steered me away from the counter. I am of course a little flustered because I have always and still do find him overwhelmingly sexy. At that moment he is too close to me for me to form coherent whole sentences. I’m going to need some space for that. I lean away from him so I can try to answer his question and this dude goes and plants a kiss right on my forehead. WTH!?!

“You’re so cute.”

I’m still stunned internally, but I try to recover externally. I turn my lean away into a whole step back. I am now a good foot away, but I decide to step back one more foot just to be sure I can speak safely without the threat of swooning or any more forehead kissing.

“I am well.”

This was all he really allowed me to add to the conversation. He’s car was up and he asked me for my number. I declined. I’ve got some pots bubbling on the stove and I want to focus on them. Don’t need to add any new cold pots to the burners. He said ok told me it was really good to see me and left.

After he was inside his car I thought dang I could’ve asked for HIS number just in case things don’t work out for me. I hate that I don’t think on my toes (can that be learned or is that just inate?) But maybe there are people you are never meant to talk to or explore anything with. The timing is always bad. Either they are engaged or you are in a relationship or they just came out of a long term relationship or you are a sentence away from being in a relationship, etc. I don’t think we will ever get an opportunity to talk. I think whatever opportunity we may have had passed in grade school. I can’t say that I don’t know him, but I don’t know him in the I’m trying to get to know you because I want to be your girl sense. Plus EVERY time I run into him, either he or I have something else going on. Due to circumstances and or timing I guess he will eternally be a crush, nothing more, nothing less. Just someone I desire, flirt with, and think about from time to time.

Are you taking a date?

This post is sort of old since it didn’t happen recently, but I think it’s funny since I received an email today in regards to an event I have to attend. 

About two months ago a kind, sweet friend of mine sent me an email requesting the name of the guest I planned to bring to her wedding. Now I love her dearly, but I was thinking dang isn’t your wedding over two months away? I told her that I didn’t know who I was going to bring, but I knew I was bringing someone. I asked her to put Mr. Wedding Date on my on my guest’s seating card. See I’m not one of those girls who wants to go to a wedding myself. I don’t want to end up matched with a poor simp because we are both at the wedding alone. I started thinking who do I invite? You would think two months would be plenty of time to find a date, but I was thinking this girl is killing me. Someone who is entertaining, witty, confident and photogenic should be easy to find in two months. Right? Wrong! The major issue is that I generally like to receive a little attention after I arrive home from a wedding. There is a very short list of possibilities for this position, not for lack of desire, but for fear of trying. So I call what I believe to be my best shot for some after wedding affection. He answers the phone like he is actually happy to hear from me which was totally unexpected. I asked, he said yes and I thought okay this is great. Now I have a date. He even made a point of asking if it was an overnight wedding and whether we needed to get a room. Yessssss! I thought excellent we are on the same page. When he called on Valentine’s day to wish me a happy V-day I practically fell out. I was WAY too eager to answer the phone, I hope he didn’t hear the enthusiasm in my voice. Why so much emotion? I have a crush, a little baby crush, but a crush indeed. What’s funny is that in the very beginning, when we first met, I didn’t even like him. I was just getting over my ex-fiance and he was literally something to do. Now I have a crush on him like I’m back in grade school. If I see his name in my phone I am all giggly and I haven’t seen him in ages. So after the V-Day greeting I think maybe he is open to something.  What man would dangle a valentine greeting unless they were a little bit interested? If you are not interested do not tease a single woman. I decided I would show him a little bit more attention. I always get I don’t seem to be the least bit interested, so I think okay that’s what I will do, show interest and concern. We texted, and talked a few times, and I even suggested more than once that we get together. I even offered home cooked food. I thought all men are suckers for a home cooked meal, but still no man. We had not connected and I was sad. Sad isn’t really the word, I was irritated. So about a week ago, in a fit of rage, after being shot down after yet another attempt to get us together, I told him that I no longer needed a date. What did I get today? An email from another dear friend asking me if I am bringing a date to our friends wedding. @$%#&!!!! I don’t have a date!