Product Review – Huggable Hangers by Joy Mangano

I think information (or knowledge) is power. I also think that it is important to share your triumphs and trails with products. There are SOOOO many products on the market, and during recessionary times you need to be certain, now more than ever, that you are purchasing a quality product. Why waste three easy payments of $19.99 on something that doesn’t work? So I am doing my part to help consumers by sharing…

Today we are going to talk about a sad story of a closet that attacked a poor helpless girl. She was minding her own business trying to find a set of matching under garments when all of the contents in her closet came crashing down on her head and drowned her in a sea of bins, hangers, synthetic fabrics and shoe boxes. Okay that is a bit of an exaggeration, but my closet was a mess, I had so many boxes and bins and clothes precariously hung and stacked in my closet that I dreaded trying to pull anything out of it. It was easier to just wear what I kept folded in a bin outside of my closet. Then Joy’s hangers came into my life.

I watch a lot of home shopping tv. Some people flip to espn or cnn when they turn on the tv I flip to QVC and HSN. I had seen a couple of presentations of Joy Mangano’s huggable hangers, but quite frankly I was leery of buying hangers off of tv.  I had never ever purchased a hanger, ever. I was happy with all my metal and plastic hangers that I had inherited from stores and my mother and the dry cleaners. I also felt that I had wrangled my closet with bins and baskets.

Despite my attempts to get my closet under control. I had run out of space and I no longer even tried to hang clothes in my closet I hung anything new on the closet door frame, on door knobs or over chairs. I also felt a dollar per hanger was expensive. It’s hard to justify going from free to one dollar in my mind. Then Joy unvieled 486 colors with hooks in gold or silver tone. Honestly that is what swayed me. I thought wow I can have cute little green hangers. So I bought a pack and waited for them to arrive.

First let me say the huggable hangers instantly made space and brought order to my closet. I bought a pack of 100 so I could do one entire row of my closet to determine if they made a difference. Now they didn’t double the space of that row, but the hangers certainly helped me pack more clothes in.  Even though wire hangers are skinnier, they are not uniform in shape and size which causes them to take up more space 9as well as the fat plastic hangers). Having all your clothes on huggable hangers, makes everyting uniform and allows you to easily smush slide all  the clothes together. I think that is the secret to these hangers. Whatever the secret…it works and I instantly had about a third more space on that row. They also improve the over-all appearance of your closet…things just look neat and pretty.

I have only encounter two problems with these hangers. Nothing falls of those buggers. Your days of snatching a sweater off a hanger when you are trying to run out the door are OVER. You have to remove garments from these hangers. Oh and don’t get happy swiveling the hooks this will cause them to break (trying to snatch things off will cause them to break too). Although it appears the hooks screw in and out, I’ve not been able to screw the hooks back in. These are the only two problems I’ve encountered.

If you have the time and patience to rehang your clothes, I think huggable hangers are great and worth the hefty price.

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