Only in my dreams…

I had a really weird dream last night. My dreams are generally very basic and boring. I do what I do in my normal every day life. I am accustomed to dreaming about brushing my teeth, folding clothes, making oatmeal, driving to work or getting something to eat at my favorite neighborhood diner. Just ordinary chores or tasks I do in my normal waking life. I rarely have nightmares. I’m never being chased, falling or anything crazy. One bonus is that I do dream in color. I generally remember my dreams when I first wake up and then I forget them as the day wears on.  Today I am very concerned because I remember my dream, but it was very odd. I am not prepared for dreams that make no sense whatsoever and are so strange that I can’t even imagine what it is supposed to mean. I say that because I do believe that dreams communicate things or I should say your subconscious communicates things. It can warn you, encourage you, provide solutions and answers to life problems or give you ideas. Dreams are a useful tool, but I’ve never really concerned myself with trying to figure them out because my dreams are so mundane.

That is until last night when I had the most bizarre dream I can remember having. In my dream I turned into a rock. I am driving along in my car, running errands and I turned into a rock. A little rock at first, but then I grew into a big rock mountain in the middle of the parking lot. What was even stranger was that people came around me and started climbing up my sides. They were doing all kinds of things on me, literally on me. Flying kites, picking flowers, having picnics and I had grassy knolls that people were sliding down. It looked like everyone was having fun, but on me. It was warm, sunny, crystal clear and the sky was so blue. There was a slight breeze that made my grass sway gently. It reminded me of spring time in Denver. It was like I turned into a state park. I also didn’t seem to be alarmed that I was a rock, I just sat there in all my wonderful rockiness.

StRaNgE. I know. Okay first of course I need to understand why I turned into a ROCK. I’ve never morphed/turned into anything. Plus I didn’t get to see the change. It was like one moment I am a person the next moment I am a rock. And not a diamond or say a sapphire, or some extremely rare rock, but just a plain old my guess would be granite rock. Of all things to be I turn into a rock!?!?!  The dream is also strange because I DO NOT like the outdoors. I do not like to be outside, fly kites, pick flowers, eat outside and I definitely do not like to slide or roll down grassy hills. None of these things appeal to me. Which is why I find the dream so bizarre. I do not have strange dreams like this where I turn into things or do things that I wouldn’t do in my normal life. I was thinking about it all morning and I can’t really think about anything else. I’m almost slightly frightened. If my subconscious has turned me into a rock what does that mean? I thought your subconscious was your own perfect fantasy world, personal hype man and solution provider all rolled in one. In your dreams ideally you should be and do the things you aspire to be, can’t do or haven’t done in real life. If I am turning into a rock mountain what exactly is going on in my subconscious? So if you are out there reading and can give me some insight/help interpret, pretty puh-lease share. Let me know what this all means.


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