I heart Michael Jackson

I was introduced to Michael on a friday night on my uncle’s television screen. My cousin was home from college and she was watching videos.  The video was thriller. I was truly like a moth to a flame, then burned by desire. I inched toward the screen to get a closer look. I was entranced by the cute, slender,  jheri-curled man that was dancing around with zombies, ghouls and ghosts on the screen, but I was afraid and spent the whole video looking then turning my head away looking then squeezing my eyes shut. I was literally thrilled by the man, but I remember being exquisitely frightened. To this day I have NEVER been able to watch the whole video.

Michael Jackson was the first person I ever wanted to meet. I remember my second cousin randomly met him because her uncle knew some exec at his record label. She had a picture with him and that picture made me pee-green with envy. As a matter of fact, Michael Jackson was the source of my first desire to clobber someone over the head and the utterance of what could be considered bitch at that young age. After that I wanted to meet Michael Jackson and I fantasized about it for one WHOLE summer.

There were many things I had as a child that today I wonder why I wanted it so badly as an adult. Today I believe the most fascinating item was my pair of Michael Jackson sneakers. They were black and silver and I maybe by British Knights, I think.  What I do know is that I proudly rocked those overly ornamented sneakers with my uniform to school and you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t BAD.

Do you remember the time when the release of a Michael Jackson video was a big deal? I think it was fox or the wb, but everyone watched them. My favorite video is Something about you Baby or maybe Do you remember the Time. I can’t decide what my favorite song is right now. There are so many to chose from.

I actually cried when I found out and not just a misty tear in the eye. It was along the lines of oh my word I need to go to the bathroom, get myself together and wipe the snot from my nose. Three people sent me text, then facebook status’ changed and then I turned to a reliable source, CNN. I didn’t believe the first reports that he was dead. I only accepted that he was in a coma as reported by CNN. I kept telling people “CNN has NOT confirmed it, so he is not dead, he’s just in a coma, prayer would be good now.” Then they confirmed it and the tears came.

Michael was inspiring, beautiful and a genuis. There will never be anyone else like him, he was and still is a star like no other. I love you Mike and  thanks for the music.

“Life ain’t so bad at all if you live it off the wall.” Michael Jackson


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