Swoon or I heart Dennis Haysbert

Life is beautiful, fantastical, marvelful, wonderlous : ) and it must be celebrated. I was invited to participate in a 30th Birthday Extravaganza for a lovely friend of mine in Miami. She requested that we all join her for a weekend of shopping, fun, food and fellowship, oh and a little sun. Love to tan, love Miami and love my friend so it was off to play with pretty people in the land of oz.

I arrived in Miami, checked my bags at the hotel and went straight to the beach to try to get a little color. The sun is damaging and I know it’s not good for me, but Ah to have glorious golden color it is what I strive for. Yesssssssssss!  I successfully achieved half a shade of color. After some light Cuban cuisine, I went back to my room to get dressed for our night out on the town. We started the evening by going to the Ganzevourt rooftop lounge.

I thought men folk only came up when I was with the girls, but even in mixed company I was asked about my relationship status and my type. This turned into a discussion about my ideal type of man. Hands down everyone who knows me knows that I love the first black president from 24. I am convinced that this show planted the seed in the minds of the American sheep people that a man of color could lead the free world. It was ground breaking because it helped nurture the idea. I remember they had a show that was supposed to open our minds to a lady president, but I guess the writers at 24 did a more convincing job. Despite leaving 24, he and his soothing voice often show up on my tv screen because he also is the spokesman for Allstate. Bless Allstate.  I should have Allstate insurance for that one simple fact.

He is the most beautiful specimen of man on earth. All handsome face, dazzling smile, rich chocolate color, toned muscles, perfect wide shoulders, oh and don’t get me started on that dent in his chin. He is the epitome of masculinity. He is it, number one favorite man of all time. He is my ideal man. I am getting excited just typing this because I am envisioning him. I mean even his voice is sexy, it’s all authoritative. Heavens bless the parents whose gene pool created that delightful treat. After sharing what I basically just wrote in more colorful language we moved on to more pressing topics like who was buying the next round of drinks. We decided we needed a change of scenery so we all loaded up into cabs and headed off to the Delano. I love that place. Everything is large and grand and pretty, exactly how I like it.

I was loving the Delano experience except for the DJ. He was wack and kept me off my good foot. However, I have decided that it was a good thing. I was doing my best impression of a wall flower when who walks in? The one and only Too Fly, Fine and Terrific, Mr. Allstate. Lord! Have mercy on my soul for the thoughts I had. I thought my eyes were deceiving me so I took my glasses off my head and put them back on and saw that it was clearly MY man. I immediately handed my camera to a friend standing next to me, grabbed her wrist and pursued him through the crowd. My heart was beating so fast. I practically started hyperventilating, that’s when the adrenaline coursed through my veins and I got an extra burst of energy to help me tear through the crowd. I LITERALLY rolled over people. If it was in slow motion you probably would have seen me throwing bows, biting folks and body slamming them to the ground.

When I was about two people away from him I started waving like we knew each other, so he would see me and stop moving through the crowd. I admit I was waving quite violently, but he’s actually very tall and he was covering a lot of ground rather quickly. All the waving, plus the BIG, kool aid, cheese grin on my face must have caught his attention or startled him because he stopped. Then I was all,

“Oh my gosh! I was just talking about you like twenty minutes ago. I can’t believe you are in Miami. I can’t believe WE are in Miami. Oh my gosh, this is the BEST. What are you doing in Miami? I’m here for a friend’s birthday. I can’t believe this. This is so wickedly awesome.” I was going a mile a minute. I even introduced myself, but I didn’t give him a chance to respond or reply to my statements, questions or the introduction. I am sure he was just taking it all in, he’s a star he is accustomed to gushing fans.

“You have to take a picture with me!!!!” The big cheese grin returned to my face and I actually put my hand on his forearm like we were old homies.

Then he spoke.

“I can’t. If I take a picture with you everyone will want to take a picture.” His voice was so lovely in real life, but he was not saying lovely words. I can’t didn’t register in my mind.

“Oh no you HAVE to take a picture with me.” I must have looked at him crazy because when I reached to put my arm around him so that we could take the picture he obliged. I am so sad that I only got ONE picture. I should have told her to take more than one. After we took the picture I turned back to him.

“Thank you SO much. Now what is your real name? I just call you Mr. Allstate Man.”

“My name is Dennis, Dennis Haysbert.”

“Well it was nice to meet you. Have fun in Miami!” I cheesed really, really hard and practically skipped off like he was Santa Claus and had just promised to grant all my Christmas wishes.  

I am surprised that I was able to do all of that. As soon as I took two steps I thought I was going to pass out. I was shaking and I felt faint. It was like all the energy had drained from me and I was spent. Just so you know he is even BETTER in person. Just all handsome, suave, oh his voice and he even smelled good. I love me some him. Fan for LIFE!


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