The Escalator…

There is definitely an automatic reflex for self preservation. You will do whatever you have to do to protect yourself from harm and danger.  I’m quite clumsy so I’m always relieved when my little angels have protected me once again from myself. I am happy to be alive and healthy, but have you ever almost fell, slipped, or been hit and thought “I should have let it happen”??? I hope not, but this is a story of a naughty, ungrateful little girl who did…

I went to the mall today. I wanted to get a little shopping done, pick out a way to go prize for a friend who just bought a house and some mascara. Lancome has this vibrating wand that I wanted to inspect, not necessarily try. I don’t wear contacts simply because I don’t like too much action in that area, so I could just imagine the trauma caused my a vibrating stick millimeters from my eyeball. I also need some more Dior Show and word on the street is they have a blacker version called black out. It is supposed to find  and define every single eye lash so I need to try it. Mascara and Lip gloss can make such a difference and are all you need to wow the crowds. Anyway to the point. I found a cute little house warming card/gift, but decided to take a detour through the dresses before I made my way to the cosmetic counters. 

After I looked at the dresses, I got on the escalator to go down. I stepped on the escalator and looked down at my cuticles on my left hand, I was so engrossed in my cuticles that I didn’t hold the hand rail.  My cell buzzed and I went to open my phone, at that very moment the escalator stopped abruptly.  I was on the right side of the escalator, so I reached out for the rail with my right hand which was also holding my cell phone, but my cell kept me from getting a good grip. Although the escalator had stopped, the momentum of going forward hadn’t left me.  I felt myself falling forward. There were two sets of older, gray-haired ladies in front of me, so I  desparately wanted to keep from tumbling down the escalator. I couldn’t help but think I would be alright, but if they broke something eh’ who knew. I grabbed at the left rail and luckily I was able to keep myself from tumbling down the rest of the way. My heart was beating out of it’s cavity and the adrenalin was still pumping. I hate when that happens I always have heart burn afterwards. 

Everyone was fine, a little shaken up, but just fine. I walked the rest of the way down, and the whole way down I’m thinking thank you Lord.  When my feet touched the ground and I was safe, my tune immediately changed. I was thinking wait a minute. Why didn’t I just fall? I’m in a major department store in an upscale mall and the escalator just stopped. I didn’t ignore a sign, walk through some orange cones or unintentionally run into something. I could have just fallen down the escalator and been paid. I know so wrong, because I could have also done irrepairable damage, but hey I’m sharing how I felt. I’m being honest.


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