Say What…

I went to a friend’s house-warming/new job party over the weekend. I saw it as a great opportunity to spend time with friends and meet new people (preferably single men…trust my heart is in the right place). After I said my hello’s to all the familiar faces, Oooh and Ahh’ed over the new house and filled my plate/cup with goodies I settled into a high traffic area near the bar set up.

A really cute guy walks over and when I say cute I mean it in a oh my look at your adorable coordinated sweater and shirt ensemble with matching saddle oxfords, very similar to the ones I wore with my uniform back in grade school. He is handsome, very square, but I likey what I see. I grin, more so because I am amused that they make those shoes in grown man sizes and I’m thinking about the pair I had back in fourth grade. He clearly thinks I’m making myself more approachable because he extends his hand and introduces himself.  I shake the offered hand and introduce myself. He then asks me how I know the hostess. I reply that I know her from summer camps back in the day.

“Oh so you are from the A?”

“Why yes I am.”

This little nugget of information always catches people’s attention because no one is from around here anymore. He is from the west coast, Oregon to be exact. I’m intrigued because I know not a soul from that state. He tells me about his life growing up there and I am mildly amused because he is trying to make it sound all rough and tumble. We are pretty engrossed in our conversation, but I notice this little guy behind him. The guy I engrossed in coversation with is one of those tall, wide and solid guys who form walls that block people and he is blocking the alcohol from the little guy. I can tell that little guy is trying to figure out how or what to say to get him to move over so he can get to the A-A-a-a-a-alcohol. I feel sorry so I move from my perch atop a bar stool and the guy I’m talking to moves to follow me.

It’s pretty crowded but we manage to find an oversized chair to continue our conversation. I’m in the seat, he is sitting on the arm rest. Despite the ultra conservative attire he is super cool, in his mid 30’s, has both a mba and a law degree, no kids, never been married, parents are still together and he has three brothers. He is also well traveled, he shares that he just got back from New Zealand of all places (which of course made me squeal in delight because I’m like what the hell is in New Zealand and he says Ugg Boots). Plus he thinks I’m cute as a button which he tells me. I’m loving it! So I’m trying to figure out if I should pull out my phone and act like I need to check something to clue him in that we should exchange information. I’m deciding on my next move when my girl walks over and tells him that he is monopolizing my time. Little guy from the bar is close on her heels and she pulls him around to introduce him to me. I stare blankly for about four seconds or maybe more because I’m mentally preoccupied with how we are going to exchange information.  Awesome guy extends his hand to introduce himself. I snap out of it and then introduce myself, but I am mentally cursing my friend. She smiles, Awesome guy smiles, I smile and Little guy smiles. It is very awkward and nobody says a word. Awesome guy then asks what is obviously his icebreaker “So how do you know the hostess?”

Little guy is some kind of computer tech who has fixed her computer and set up her tv and sound system. Awesome guy starts asking him about computers. Apparently he has been shopping around and wants to get an apple because he wants to use the music recording applications. This piques Little guy’s attention and he says,

“Word?!?” And I’m thinking who even still says that? Obvioulsy Little guy does. “What exactly are you trying to do?”

“I want to use the beat machine. I have some verses that I want to record.”

“You definitely want to get the apple, even professionals use it. My man used his machine to put his demo together.”

“I wasn’t even thinking of a demo. I just wanted to record some rhymes then perform around the city to see what kind of response I get. I want to be a rapper.”

WTH?!?! You want to be a what?!?!? I have been sitting there like I am watching a tennis match my head swinging back and forth between them. However Awesome guy’s latest statement caused me to stop and stare because I am like why would he want to be a rapper? However the look on his face says he is deadly serious about his last statement. What was all that schooling for? Not to say that we shouldn’t have well educated rappers. Now if we were in highschool, college or maybe even 25 I would be cool, do you dude. But I am sooo not feeling rap, certain songs yeah but for the most part I am not trying to hear rap music. I am stunned but am even more stunned by Little guys reply,

“What you got, can you drop something right now?”

Awesome guy nods back at him and starts swaying back and forth like he is listening to the beat and launches into a rap, one of which he obviously wants to record. I would share, but I don’t want to infringe on his creativity and have somebody take his slick, but generic rhymes.

Little guy is geeked and psyched. “You should put that on you tube or myspace. You got a myspace page?” Now my head swings back to Little guy because I am thinking why is he encouraging this and did he just hear what I heard. His voice and rhythm aren’t even tight. It sounded like Dr. Seuss does rap to me.

“No.” Awesome guy hangs his head like he is ashamed of himself.

“If you want to be a rapper you got to have a myspace page, but you tube will give you exposure too. You should set up a myspace page and put your material up on your site.”

“I have a camcorder. You think I should put it on you tube, seriously?”

“Yeah. What are you doing tomorrow? We can record it and I can post it.”

Awesome guy’s eyes get real big and his face lights up he has obviously met his new best friend. They both looked like two eleven year old boys who had just figured out how to beat a nintendo game, just excited beyond words. I would have left the love fest long before I even listened to the impromptu concert, but I was trapped by Awesome guy’s legs and Little guy was enthusiastically blocking the other side. Awesome guy remembers that I am sitting there and looks down at me and says “Hey do you want to come too? Let me get your number.” I am afraid they might try to turn me into the video vixen for their little you tube rap video so I decline and mention that I want to get something to drink. They both move to make space for me to get up. I start to walk away and Awesome guy taps me on my arm and tells me to come back because he wants to finish our conversation. I politely smiled because I had no intention of coming back and walked away.