I kissed a girl…

I went out over the weekend with a guy that I met at the airport while trying to pull my suitcase off of the carousel. I was on the phone, holding my purse and carry-on bag while grabbing at my bag. He came up behind me and pulled the bag off the ramp. I turned and thanked him and then proceeded to head to the exit. He stopped me and at first I was a little annoyed, but he told me this really funny knock knock joke that caused me to laugh. Once you got me laughing you are so in. We talked while we both waited for our rides and since no one ever picks me or him up on time we were able to have a nice conversation. Turns out we went to rival highschools and have a lot of mutual friends. We have been at the same parties, but never met. Strange, but as I grow older the world seems to get smaller every day.


We exchanged numbers, but I didn’t really expect to hear from him, unless he was having a co-ed function or a birthday party. I was a little surprised when he called the next day, but I like a man who knows what he likes and goes after it. We either have a lot in common or we both just like to run our mouths because we talked for over four hours. I got off the phone because my ears were being singed by my hot cell phone (by the way I hate my new LG Shine) otherwise we probably would have kept on talking. We agreed to meet for a glass of wine or two at the Grape the next day.


I arrived at the Grape about twenty minutes late so he was already seated at the bar. The place was pretty crowded so we decided to stay put instead of getting a table. While we were sitting there the cell phone of the party sitting to the left of us started ringing and it was playing the song “I kissed a girl” by that Katie girl. They didn’t answer it so the song continued to play and I started bopping my head to the beat and sang along. This must have piqued his curiosities cause he asked “Do you like that song?”

“Yeah kind of.”

“Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“No, I have not.”

“You never tried it when you were in school? Don’t lie to me I won’t judge you.”

“No, just because I went to a girl’s school did not make me want to experiment.” I believe some men think if you go to a same sex school the probability of freakiness and lesbianism increases.

“So are you saying you would never kiss another woman? Are you open minded?”

“I am open minded, but I am not kissing another woman.” I also think that guys often confuse what being open minded really is. I can be spontaneous and go on vacation with a day’s notice (some believe you should never do anything without advance notice especially a trip because it means you were not the first choice) or agree to do something like sky diving which I have never done. I am willing to try a new type of food, hang out in a new neighborhood, use a new mascara, entertain new opinions, wear a new trend or color, take a different route to the city, try a new drink and maybe even answer questions that I feel are inappropriate or make me feel uncomfortable. Those are the acts of an open minded person.

“Just like you dig that song you might like kissing a girl, but how would you know unless you try it.” He said this with all seriousness.

I am not happy about the direction this conversation is going. I am a confessed prude, but I like that song. It’s catchy and cute, but I have no desire to kiss a girl. Women are beautiful and I have a girl crush, but I do not want to do anything with another woman. I like men and only want to kiss them. I am not gay or bisexual and do not want or need to experiment with my sexuality. It is not something I need to try so that I can rule it out, I know what I like and don’t like.


“I am not attracted to women like that and why are you so concerned?”

“I just want to see if you are open to a little ménage.”

After he said this I have a very alarmed look on my face.

“Relax, I just want to know if you are mature and don’t think kissing a girl makes you a lesbian. I want a girl who is open to trying things if she knows her man likes it.”

“You can stop right there. We have established right now that I am not the girl for you.” Again confusion, poor thing. A woman can be kinky, raunchy and nasty with her man without introducing another woman. This man is going around thinking girls who like or would try kissing a girl are open minded. These girls may not be open minded at all, they just like kissing girls, plus it really is not a measure of anything other than they have some lesbian tendencies. Oh and she might leave his behind for another woman.

“Now hold up you don’t need to jump to that conclusion. I might be able to convince you otherwise, I may be the one to bring the freak out.” He starts smiling and rubbing my hand. I remove my hand and pick up my wine glass. For all his education and charm he has lost me. First I think I opened myself up to it, I was the one who brought attention to the song. Second why did I let him draw me in I should have just changed the subject. Asked him what ring tones he had on his phone. Since I don’t care at this point where this conversation goes I said,

“Do you want to kiss a dude?”

“Hell no!”

“Why not, you might find you like it?”

“I am not kissing a man. It is more natural for women to kiss y’all are already so affectionate towards each other.”

“Well if you are looking for a lady who aims to please and you want another woman and I agree to it I think it is only fair that you in turn try to please me. So if you get another woman in the bedroom I get another man.”

“Another woman is beautiful. Another man is just nasty and some gay ish. I am not sharing my girl. Another man is just swinging.” He said this with such disgust.

I laughed and just rolled my eyes. Funny how he expects his woman to be all open minded and try new things, but he shuts down the moment I suggested he do something he has never done. What a double standard. He seemed offended by the audacity of me to even suggest that he should consider another man.

He looks uncomfortable and is looking around so I said “We can ease you into it, something simple, you can let him kiss your cheeks first, but I’ll pick which set.”

I wish you could have seen his face. I have never seen a guy perfectly arch his eye brow. He was speechless. I picked up my glass and took another sip of wine.


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