Thank your Garbage Man…

This is old, but I had to post it.


I enjoy investigative reporting. I like 60 minutes, 20/20 and local news reports on corruption, waste and scandals. It makes me feel good to know the scoundrels have been brought to justice. I especially enjoy when someone has been busted and they are running, while holding one hand up to protect their face and the other hand up in front of a camera. Today was different. Investigative Reporter Jodie Fleischer was investigating how garbage men were not collecting trash while on the clock. “What!?!” I thought they can’t be serious. They have gone to far. Were they really going to blow the whistle on garbage men? The answer was Yes.

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The video evidence was damning. I cringed. The two garbage men were shown taking two to three hour breaks, eating and fraternizing, and they weren’t even in the city they serviced all while on the clock. Of course their time sheets were pulled which included an abundance of over time entries. All of this information was passed along to their boss and he looked displeased as he watched the video surveillance. His response was that they violated city policies and they would be dealt with.

This is the first time when I was not sure what crime had been committed. As a tax paying citizen of my community I hate to see money wasted. However, I didn’t see where and how my money was wasted. My trash is collected and I am certain that the trash on their route was collected as well. Otherwise I am sure they would have shown it, as well as a customer complaining about it. If the trash is collected who cares how long it takes? Or even how much money it cost to collect it? The current fee is nominal in my mind.


Here’s the issue I do not think we should give trash collectors a hard time. What if they decided to strike and demand higher pay? I need them to be happy and free to do whatever is best to collect the trash. Have you ever been to a land fill? Land fills are disgusting and repulsive. Garbage men go there daily.  I trust them to manage their time and efforts to get the trash collected. I don’t know what mental state a garbage man might be in after collecting the trash of others. If they need a three hour break to get their mind right let them take it. They deal with trash they deserve it and most likely need it. Plus they are the trash professionals I trust their judgment.


Think about it most people don’t even want to look at their trash let alone touch it. I actually clean my trash can weekly, but the moment something goes in the bin it is instantly contaminated and I won’t touch it. Think about trash you may have forgotten over a weekend or behind the bin. Since it was forgotten the trash is likely rancid, spoiled and reeks, the stench alone probably singed your nose hairs. What did you do when you discarded it? You probably picked it up, turned your head and ran to throw it in the dumpster. It’s your trash, yet you couldn’t even bring yourself to look at it. Have you ever passed a dumpster that was so putrid and rotten that your senses were traumatized? Now imagine this is what you deal with daily. This is what they do every single day they go to work. Yes, it is their job, they chose it, but it’s not easy work. They collect the discarded, useless, unwanted waste and it is not a pretty job. It’s largely a thankless job. I don’t know my garbage man, but I do believe he deserves a pat on the back. Maybe even a pay raise. I do not care if he wants to rest for one hour after each hour he has collected trash, so long as the trash is collected. I could care less how long it takes or how many over time hours he uses up. This is a cost I am willing to bear and I will look the other way. Jodie should be ashamed to have blown the whistle on these kind hearted saints who just wanted to take a break between hauling other people’s waste.


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