The Clintons

I was reading an article about whether Hillary Clinton would run for office again and it made me think back over the problems she has had with Bill over the years. It all started with Jennifer Flowers, that press conference was scandalously shocking. Do you remember Jennifer’s hair, it was a hair spray and teased creation? I doubt that Jennifer was the first and she certainly wasn’t the last, but it introduced us to Bill the philandering husband and Hillary the long suffering wife. Then it was Monica, the dress and the impeachment. Bill, come on now buddy. I was embarrassed for her and Chelsea. Hillary seemed to be unsettlingly calm about the whole affair, she probably had made peace with the fact that her husband wasn’t faithful long before we found out. She stood by her man, was cool and kept it moving. I think she was probably more concerned about the shame of it all and the distraction from the business of running the country. I don’t know if there were tears shed or if there were screaming matches in the secret recesses of the White House. I’m sure in their private moments she had ugly words for Bill, at least I hope so.


I know that at the time I thought she was insane for staying, but no one understands how a marriage works and why it works except for the two people in it. I understand now that people marry for many different reasons that may or may not make sense to bystanders. Bill and Hillary obviously aren’t concerned about anyone else and what they think. However, I thought that clearly their marriage was a sham and just a business arrangement. Whether or not this is right or wrong it works for them and that is all that matters.


My whole view was totally changed after watching the Democratic National Convention.  I sat down to watch Hillary deliver her speech, which was excellent, but I couldn’t help but notice Bill Clinton. They kept cutting to him before and during the speech. I describe it as an all out love fest. He was beaming the whole time, practically outshining the sun, just clapping and hollering it up. The pride, the adoration, the respect, the pain, the disappointment, the drama, the joy, the triumphs, the dreams and whatever else comprises their situation was all broadcast to the world. It was written across his face, included with his hand clapping, manifested in his smile and in his previously roving eyes that were locked only on her. The love in his heart gushed from every pore of his body and it twinkled in his eyes. I have never seen such sincere excitement and adoration from anyone’s spouse during a political speech in my history of watching conventions and speeches. He was like baby you did it and I love you. I believe that they truly love each other, or at least there is no doubt in my mind that he loves him some Hillary. She might just put up with him, but I am sure she knows she got em’ and that’s all that matters. She obviously is content with that.


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