Move over Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome you are blocking Mr. Short, Bald and Stocky…

While checking my email today I came across a very interesting study, published in the Journal of Family Psychology, about why women should date less attractive men. Basically a woman should seek out a man who is less physically attractive than she is because he will work harder to keep her. In this type of relationship the man will be more supportive, will invest more to maintain the relationship, and will be less likely to cheat. I boil it down to a woman should be the more attractive member of a couple.


Now of course this caused my thoughts to race. I wasn’t buying it. I see unattractive women with gorgeous men all the time. I always think she must have a fantastic personality and know how to massage every kink in her man. Plus I know that attractive men are some of the most insecure people, they are worse than women. So being my pseudo-scientific self I decided to test the theory. I made a list all of the people I have gone out with and I assigned each a numeric rating based on looks and how they treated me. I also threw education into the mix just to make things interesting and because I think it matters. My findings were intriguing.


Okay here is a quick run down of the results.


Equally Attractive


Less Education



Equal Education



More Education



Please note that I have never dated a man who was more attractive than me. Call me vain, and maybe I am vain, but I don’t believe I have ever gone out with someone who was cuter. So my findings may be skewed.


My test did prove the articles theory. The less attractive men spoiled me, were more agreeable and on average we went out longer. My calculations put equally attractive men with less education neck and neck with unattractive men with more or less education than myself in how they treated me. The equally attractive, but uneducated types didn’t behave as I expected them to, well that is based on the findings of the study. I think I know why, but I am not going to venture out and say why today, I will save that for a future blog. Besides all that matters is that both of these groups treated me like a princess…no whim within reason was not satisfied, they were very sweet and they were very accommodating. I would rate their treatment of me as GREAT! Imagine Tony the Tiger saying it.


Now equally attractive men with more education fell into their own category. I definitely think behavior is influenced by being aware of your options. If you know you have more options to exercise you will be less agreeable. I believe that this type of guy is aware of just how valuable a commodity they are so they don’t always provide entertaining and fun times. In these situations I had to work more at whatever it was we were trying to develop and had to compromise with them in more instances than with the above group. On average they were less accommodating, didn’t really try to impress me, didn’t open all doors, had no problem not letting me win if we played a game, said no, were less spontaneous (must have been exercising those options), were nice but not markedly so (I would say they like to play the good guy role). In general this group was stressful and irritating, so these situations tended to be a turn off and therefore I shut down access, but they probably didn’t even notice.


Equally Attractive with equal education were decent. No need to really go into detail they were good, in between great and bad.


I didn’t include the worst because I have only had two people in my life meet the criteria to be deemed the WORST. However, they left such an impression I will no longer go out with men who fall into the category of unattractive men, with no education, but with money. I avoid them at all cost. I would compare the treatment to what maybe concubines or groupies experience. They acted ridiculously until I switched it up and made myself unavailable. This group doesn’t understand people not responding to them, so in my case their behavior improved dramatically. However, I like to be treated well and with respect. In these situations I did not allow myself to be pursued.


That brings us to our next group. I saved the BEST group for last because they deserve it. The group that gets two enthusiastic thumbs up and vote from me are unattractive, less educated men. They are by far the best people to go out with. Funny how I have never just focused on men that fall into this category, I really need to look into that. Why? These fantastic men will treat you like a Queen. They are always agreeable, always entertaining (I think maybe they feel the pressure to impress so they go far and beyond the call of duty), are mind numbingly sweet, and do not cause any stress. Plus they know how to fix stuff, so that just makes them extra manly and attractive in my book. A man who knows his way around a tool belt, knows how to fix a car, and always opens a door for me gets an A +. That’s sexy.


I have clearly identified the people I should go out with, so it will be interesting to see if I remember this when making decisions about who to date. Knowledge is power.