Rain check please…

Like my 24 hour rule, wonder if guys have a rain check policy? Haha! I am so wrong for this, but oh well…


How many times is it acceptable for a person to request a rain check before it bounces?


So this happens to me ever so often. I meet someone interesting and for whatever reason we have a problem connecting. I don’t think that it is rude to postpone for unexpected events, but what if it’s just that you have received an invite from someone that you have actually gone out with before? That is rude and wrong, but still I have a dilemma. I need to know how many times is it acceptable to postpone a date?


With the new guy I have no real idea of what to expect. That in itself is very exciting, but if I have had a long day at work or some life challenge has been particularly brutal then the unknown might seem scary.  What if he regurgitates his resume, has an annoying laugh (although my laugh can be grating as well), is overly affectionate and or touchy, or is just plain boring? With a “date-tested” guy you have a good idea of what to expect. There is no real gamble going out with someone who has been previously screened and who seems to enjoy your company. With the new guy I have no idea how things will go and if we go out and I don’t enjoy myself I will be very irritated. This irritation may very well be taken out on him, since I will think about the fun I could have had if I had not been out with him. It is actually better if there are no alternatives that way if things don’t go well, I will only think geeze I could have reorganized my finger nail polish collection by color.


The first time I did it, I really didn’t feel any discomfort. The second time I did it I thought maybe I should call him tomorrow and ask him to lunch or something. The third time I thought what if I see him while I’m out with the other guy. I must admit I got paranoid, must have been my conscience. However, I like that he is persistent and calls to reschedule after each broken date. Also he isn’t a complete stranger. I met him at a friend’s roof top party. I discovered that he worked close to my job, and then started to bump into him all around the city. Funny how you can frequent the same places and at the same time, but never see someone. Then meet them and see them all the time. I know him, or we have been introduced and we have had conversations. I would call him an acquaintance, not quite an associate. Anyway, I exchanged my information with him for a reason. I have every intention of going to brunch or lunch, but every date so far has been interrupted by another, what I consider better invitation.


Yesterday, I postponed our date for a FOURTH time. He just said okay and hurried off the phone. I thought to myself he isn’t going to call me anymore I just know it. He is irritated with me. Technically I do believe that my actions are showing disinterest although that isn’t the case. Despite, my inability to keep a date he just sent me a text inviting me to have dinner with him this evening. Ah, he thinks he is slick not giving me a time in the future. I texted “Sure, you name the place and time.” He texted back “Excellent, maybe spontaneity is more your style, I will let you know after lunch what time, but I will make the place a surprise, but I know you will like it ; )…”


Now this is exciting I like surprises and I am definitely intrigued because I thought for sure he wasn’t going to contact me again.  I don’t think we will have a fifth rain check…


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