The 24 hour rule…

When I meet a guy and decide to exchange information with him, he has exactly 24 hours to contact me and file a claim of interest. If he doesn’t contact me within 24 hours I don’t take him seriously, and he doesn’t get to play a role on the stage that is my life. This rule works for me. I will say that generally one out of four men do not call me within 24 hours of meeting me, so I feel like these guys are definitely expendable.  


From my experiences, if someone is interested they do not wait around trying to decide what to say, trying to be aloof, not seem too pressed, too desperate or whatever other reason a man decides to postpone his initial approach. I do realize unforeseeable events can keep a person from calling, like maybe a death in the family, an unexpected work deadline, a house fire or leak, or anything that would completely make trying to establish a new acquaintance the last thing on the list. However, I do believe people make time for what they want, and if they want any chance of getting acquainted with me they need to move quickly. I could be the one, but you will never know it if you play around trying to be cool. I just don’t have time for people who don’t know what they want. I am very indecisive, there can’t be two indecisive people in a relationship. If you decided that I was attractive and witty enough for you attempt to get my number then why wait? What exactly are you waiting for? I like a take charge man who doesn’t waste time.


I was instant messaging a co-worker when my rule came up. He thought it was absurd that I had this rule and that I thought it meant someone wasn’t really interested if they didn’t establish contact within 24 hours. I consider him to be a good guy, but he said he always waited to call a girl. I was like but why, for what purpose? He said he just did. I believe there is no time like the present, there is no tomorrow, just today. He also said that people who contact me immediately are desperate or possibly a playa. I never thought of it like that. I just thought it was someone with confidence, who knows what they want, obviously liked what they saw and wants to pursue it.


I decided to take it to committee and I asked four more guys. Good guys that I respect and think are quality individuals. Now here is the interesting thing. Most guys said that if they were really impressed by a lady they would wait. What?!? They waited for various reasons, to build anticipation, to decide on the approach, oh and my favorite to get tickets and make a dinner reservation for a nice date. Now the latter response I thought was ridiculous because how would anyone know someone’s schedule, I mean she could be unavailable. He responded that nine out of ten times they always agree to go out on his preplanned date. Here is the kicker…they all felt that anyone who immediately contacted me or within 24 hours was desperate and should be watched with a careful eye. HaHA! They also warned me that I could be missing out on some really terrific guys with my little rule.


However, when I look back over my dating portfolio I have gone out with some really great men. There have been some duds in the mix, but for the most part I’ve been blessed. Plus part of the initial screening process generally weeds out the defective types. I typically have three to four conversations with someone before I agree to go somewhere and then of course there is texting. So I believe it’s hard to hide complete insanity that long. There are also those I just don’t click with and those get dropped. I think for the most part my system works. However, maybe I have missed a gem or two. Oh well. C’est la vie.


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  1. July 14, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    […] today, Monday.  I believe that it’s important for new suitors to establish their interest within 24 hours of getting the digits. It shows me they are serious, interested and not trying to be cute and coy. […]

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