Hello Lover Boy…

Approach a man. If you have never done so before you have to do it. Try it today! The excitement of it all does wonders for the complexion. Haha!


I am not sure what has come over me recently, but if I see something I really like then I want to approach it, not just smile and hope it comes over. I have noted that the frequency of this urge has increased, although I must admit I have not been acting on this urge. Today was no different. I felt the urge, but I just couldn’t or maybe just didn’t want to deny it.


I was at the mall when I saw a tall and handsome guy strolling through the store by his lonesome. I was with a girlfriend and her bff shopping for a gift for her father, but in the belt department (after seeing Sex in the City we are all trying to add belts to the wardrobe). I thought he was sexy and I felt obligated to say hello. As he walked through the area we were in, I kept turning around to look at him. Each time I turned around he was looking at me, but he didn’t come over. We were in the middle of selecting belts to purchase so I was slightly distracted and he got away. After we purchased the belts, I let them know I had to hunt him down.


We headed back to the men’s department to find him. Now when we first started out I just wanted to find him, I couldn’t tell you what I was going to say. See funny thing is I never know what I am going to say after the first hello, and part of the excitement is just trying to determine the approach. We didn’t find him on the first floor so I suggested we go to the second floor. Bingo! There he was. He was in the urban section, so I thought dang he might be really young (I have also noticed that I am starting to think younger guys are very cute, hence my new hobby of going to blockbuster once a week to flirt with the cashier). As we walked over to him, all of a sudden I was so very nervous. I looked at my friend wide eyed and crazed and blurted out “I can’t do this”. Then I proceeded to the polo department to look at men’s shirts. Since she was getting a kick out of this, she asked me if I wanted her to approach him. Although it seemed like a good idea, at 25+ I couldn’t let her go over and tell him that she had a friend who thought he was cute blah blah blah. It would have been embarrassing. Plus I can embarrass myself on my own which I proceeded to do. While perusing the men’s shirts, attempting to get the courage to go over, whining about how I didn’t know what to say, I looked up and he was looking me dead in the face. Not knowing what else I should do I literally jumped behind a pole so he couldn’t see me. Now after I did this, I thought why, why did I jump why couldn’t I have turned and walked? My friend starts laughing and is not behind the pole, so if he was still looking I know he was cracking up too.

Since he totally knew we were talking about him and to save face, I adjusted my big girl panties and proceeded to go talk to him.

When I reappeared from behind the pole, he was still in the same section. As I approached, my stomach started churning and I got an instant case of heart burn. I was overcome with fear, almost to paralysis, but right when I was about to freeze, then turn and run, he turned around. So I smiled and he smiled back.

“Hi!” I know I had to have been a very bright pink.

“Hey, how are you?” When he said this he exposed a beautiful set of teeth and a rhythmic southern drawl that had to make the ladies swoon.

“I’m good. What are you shopping for? Maybe I could help.” I just smiled with my head titled to side.

He grinned back at me and we proceeded to chit chat about nothing in particular.


After our conversation, with his number safely saved to my phone, I walked off wondering what took me so long to say hello. I just chuckled to myself. The thrill of the chase, the uncertainty of what to say, the approach itself it produces a euphoric high. Plus I tend to get all giggly. I am telling you, you have to try it. It might just change your life.


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