Oh my goodness, is that a…..

I am a self confessed prude. I realize that I am not like most of my peers who are around the same age. However, even with my prudish ways I do not believe that it is acceptable to send body parts by text. In this age of myspace, facebook and blogs, you never know what might happen to it. I thought it might be funny to post the body parts I have received along with their names, HAha! Especially now that it seems I have become a magnet for the text flashers. 


My initiation into this strange new world of texting came thanks to a 23 year old. Leave it to the youngsters to usher in new innovations. Until this guy, I had never talked to someone who was younger than me. When one is bored it is amazing what one will entertain.  I mean what can a 23 year old do for me? I know NOW, send me dirty text, HAha!


Our first date was the sweetest. I thought I was 15 again. It was all kool-aid grins and rosey cheeks. We had great conversation and there was a comfort level that I generally don’t experience so quickly. I think I was less concerned about what I said and did because he was younger. Anyway, I guess we were both intrigued because we decided to hang out  several more times. The key is other than a few hugs there was no physical contact. I thought it was different, but not strange and it didn’t prepare me for what was yet to come.


So we were having a regular conversation about nothing in particular, making plans to see one another later in the evening. We got off the phone. Again the key is our conversation was G-rated. I was cool with it, he was just my speed. At least that’s what I thought.


That was until I received THE text that changed the way I looked at my phone from that point forward. I was reading when my phone vibrated. I picked it up and saw that I had a picture message from my new little friend. I opened it and squenched my eyes to help them focus. I pulled the screen closer so I could get a better view. What is that?  I looked at it curiously, when it suddenly dawned on me what I was looking at and my jaw dropped. WTF!?!?! Did he send me his….? Did he mean to send this to me? I was traumatized by the mere fact that I looked at it straight on without warning or without protective shades, but I was more disturbed by the fact that he thought it was appropriate to send it to me. I couldn’t figure out one good reason why he would send me such a thing. HAHA! Shouldn’t there be some parameters or maybe a preliminary warning before sending body parts by text?


I don’t think any body parts should be sent over text unless it’s of your spouse or maybe a significant other. I surely don’t think it’s appropriate to send it someone who has never seen it or even talked about it. I started to think maybe this was his way of bringing up the subject, since it hadn’t come up naturally. However, I didn’t know what the proper response was to such a text. Not wanting to be rude,  I decided the best way to handle it was to play dumb and just ignore it.


When is it ever appropriate to send a picture of a penis by text?



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