Today I received an email from an old acquaintance. An old acquaintance that by unanimous decision was cut from the line-up. However, today I have an email from him in my inbox with no subject. It is not a forward and there is nothing to give me any indication of its contents. This is the kind of email that causes confusion. You know, the kind of email that your eyes immediately see when you open your mailbox. Then you think WTF!?!?! You are about to delete it when you pause and decide to wait til maybe after lunch to determine what to do with it. After lunch you look at it again, then suck your teeth, roll your eyes, sigh and decide to maybe look at it at the end of the day. You know that kind.


So at the end of the day I had an internal battle with myself about what to do. I was thinking this person was cut, for very good reasons, and therefore there is no reason to be intrigued by an email. Especially since this isn’t the first one I have received, but this one doesn’t have a subject, no greeting, no tagline, it’s just blank. I decided to delete it, but as soon as I did this I was digging it out of the trash. Once I restored it to my mailbox I was disgusted with myself. Why was the overwhelming urge to see what this individual fixed their fingers to type to me overcoming my better judgment not to read it? Why was I torturing myself trying to guess what foolishness it contained? Ah the agony as I went back and forth over whether I should open it.


Then it dawned on me that I decided that I was DONE when I decided to cut all forms of communication. It was so overdue. We were on our third try at being mature adults in handling one another, but for some reason we couldn’t quite get that right. So I decided the best thing for me was to leave him alone, no reason to knowledgeably inflict pain on myself. The ridiculousness that we were able to muster really reached new heights, it was sick yet satisfyingly amusing. This amusement was exactly why I wanted to open it. I wanted to see what he could possibly say now.

I neatly folded my better judgment, tucked it away and then opened the email. I was so underwhelmed by the contents. What?!?! One sentence.

I sent myself through internal turmoil over one sentence?!?

The sentence simply read “If you get this, will you give me a call please.”

I rolled my eyes so hard, it hurt and I was afraid they might get stuck.

Give him a call? He wants me to call him? Yes.

He wants me to give him a call.

He sent me an email asking me to call him, when he really could have just picked up the phone and called me instead of sending the email. When is enough already truly and really enough? When you receive a one sentence email, asking something absurd. Don’t test the waters with an email. Be a G and call me. I am so done. I have officially had enough.


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